Tiffin Twp supports the guidelines by the CDC. Please check out their website for updates. Please contact a Trustee if you need to discuss an issue and we will call you when in session at the next meeting, instead of leaving your home. Thank you and take care

Tiffin Township, Adams County Ohio





Tiffin Township is located in Adams County, Ohio. It is one of 15 townships in Adams County. Over 5,000 people reside in the township. Much of the village of West Union (the County seat of Adams County) is located within Tiffin township.

2020 Meeting Dates

January 3, 6pm

February 4, 7pm
March 5, 7pm
April 3, 7pm
May 4, 7:30pm
June 4, 7:30pm
July 3, 7:30pm
August 4, 7:30pm
September 3, 7:30pm
October 3, 8:00am
November 3, 7pm
December  3, 7pm

All meetings will be held at the Township Maintenance Bldg. 

 Tiffin Township has a three-member trustee board as well as a fiscal officer.


Co- Chairman

WEB manager

Gregeory B. Grooms                 544-3033        


Richard Dryden                         544-7208        


Caleb Grooms                         513-260-7453      

David Vogler                             544-0405