Melvin Malone Rd T-261

Micheal ln T-1059

Morgan Rd T-69

Nehus Rd T-1054

Opal Dr T-2061

Page School Rd T-74

Paula Dr T-1055

Paradise Valley Rd T-1065

Ralston Rd T-256

Ridgon Rd T-76B

Ross Dr T-2033

Rosselot Rd T-76B

Royal Dr T-2034

Sattterfield Rd T-73

Spencer Rd T-1070

Sproll Rd T-329

Staten Rd T-80

Steep Hill Rd T-67

Trefz Rd T-83

Trent Rd T-71B

Trotter Rd T-71A

Wendell Shivener Rd T-2060

​Wilton Dr T-1076

Westview Dr T-2006

Tiffin Township Roads

Snow Plow in Action

Updates to Roads

Awarded grant to replace signs throughout the Township.

Road Improvements



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Abbott Rd T-254

Alana Dr T-1074

Amber Dr T-1072

Chester Grooms Rd T-322

Connie Dr T-1071

Colman Grooms Rd T-262

Cooper Rd T-79

Cosby Rd T-78

Cox Rd T-1086

Dryden Rd T-95

Edith Osman Rd T-310

Fields Rd T-442

Fox Ridge Rd T-265

Garden Ln T-264

Gatewood Dr T-1075

Gay Ln T-2035

Hafer Rd T-81

Harley Grooms Rd T-62

Hawk Hill Rd T-23

Howell Rd T-77

Henry Osman Rd T-66

Jose Dr T-1073

Lafferty Rd T-84

Larry Baynum Rd T-449

Laurel Rd T-260

Logans Ln T-75

Luther Rogers Rd T-82 Mack Rd T-255

Madonna Dr T-1056 Marjorie Johnson Rd T-192

Mark Dr T-1057

Mary Ln T-1058

McCarty Rd T-263

McHenry Rd T-70

McKenize Rd T-429

McNeilan Rd T-441

Meadows Rd T-259